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DESY PRC endorses the BabyIAXO proposal

Submitted by igarciai on Thu, 07/18/2019 - 22:32

Last May 20th the BabyIAXO proposal was reviewed in detail in a special session of the Physics Review Committee (PRC) of DESY. The outcome of the review was very positive. The committee has endorsed the proposal and encourages the collaboration to continue the preparations for the realization of the experiment. The PRC also encourages DESY to take the necessary steps to host BabyIAXO and in particular to help in consolidating the collaboration with CERN on the construction of the BabyIAXO magnet. The PRC will biannually monitor the project progress and the clarification of some remaining technical and organizational issues.

Picture of the dedicated review panel members, together with collaboration representatives, at DESY.